Chemicals in Food Plastic Wrappings Reduce Human Fertility

The University of Nottingham published a study, the results showed that chemicals found in plastic food wrappings can cause a health problems and reduce male fertility.

An article published by the Nature, focuses on the fact that these substances have a negative effect on sperm motility, not only in the human body, but also other mammals, dogs in particular.

During more in-depth study of this issue, the scientists from the University of Nottingham, revealed that the chemicals found in plastic food wrappings, have a negative impact on the body en general. They harm the body and reduce sperm motility, thereby weakening fertile function.

Chemicals all the time getting into the food, they may be harmful to biological process and can lead to hormone imbalance.

According to the study’s results, just 25 percent of young men now produce good quality sperm with high motility. Since the 1940s, an average semen volume has declined by 25 percent.


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