Scientists: men's underwear affects the quality of sperm

Scientists from Harvard University found that the concentration of sperm in the men semen is higher who wear boxers, in contrast to lovers of more tight clothes.

The results of the research are published in the leading academic journal Human Reproduction.

For regular updating of spermatozoons, a constant, definite temperature in the testicles is required. Usually, it is always lower by two degrees of the body temperature. Researchers collected data on 656 men aged 18-56 who, within 7 years, sought help in the treatment of infertility. Each patient answered questions about lifestyle, the type of underwear he had worn during the past three months, and provided samples of blood and sperm.

The results showed that those men who wore boxers had the concentration of spermatozoa is 25% higher and 33% more mobile spermatozoons than for those who preferred swimming trunks or other types of tight-fitting underwear.

This information is especially important for men who plan to become fathers using ART (assisted reproductive technologies), including surrogate motherhood programs, as well as for potential sperm donors.


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