Children of three parents have no risk of genetic failures

Scientists at the Oregon Health & Sciences University have created embryos with genes from one man and two women. This made possible the emergence of children who have not two, but three parents.

Globally, 1 case in 5000 people, there is a risk of child with genetic abnormalities carried by mitochondrial DNA. Because of this, children may be blind, suffer from epilepsy or renal failure. DNA donation gives these children a chance to be born healthy. Scientists from the Oregon Health & Sciences University researched nuclear DNA, which allows to move further in this matter. If experience will justify itself, in the future, scientists will replace the genes that carry the disease of the egg to healthy ones, and then will fertilize it with male sex cells.

This technology can change the social structure of modern society, allowing the "normal functioning" of families of the several spouses. Incidentally, legislation of the U.S. and certain other countries is currently undergoing corrections that will allow for such a possibility. For example, this year there has been a marriage of three people registered in Brazil for the first time in history, and in California a child may legally have more than two parents. But the main thing is that the new technique can help prevent the transmission of hereditary incurable diseases.


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