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Vitanova. The Cradle of Life.

There is no such thing as infertility. The latest achievements in infertility treatment practice have made it possible for any intended parents to fulfill their dream. The Vitanova clinic is the first reproductive clinic that has an individual personalized approach to all of its patients. Our individual complex programmes include every particular feature of your case in order to increase efficiency of the method. We are in charge of your programme from the first day you come to our office till the day when we give you your new-born child. Our clinic specializes in arranging IVF and combined reproductive programmes, such as surrogacy and different donation programmes.

The clinic has the latest modern equipment produced by world-wide companies. Vitanova has only experienced and highly-qualified specialists on its staff– reproductologists, gynaecologists, urologists, geneticists, general practitioners and psychologists with a rich experience in the field of assisted reproductive technologies treatment (ART). The pride of  the clinic is the IVF laboratory equipped with modern research devices.

The board of the Gynaecological Unit have a broad experience in diagnosing and treating diseases that might result in female infertility (endometriosis, polycystosis, uterine myoma, hormonal and immunological mutations, inflammation processes of various origin). The Urological Unit is set up to treat male infertility and various urological diseases. Our specialists will not only correctly define the diagnosis, but they will also adjust efficient medication to treat the disease.

The laboratory allows to carry out various biochemical, hormonal, hematological and immunological research as well as diagnostics tests to reveal sexually transmitted diseases.

Vitanova clinic offers comfortable single and two-bed wards to make our patients’ stay in hospital as pleasant as it can be.

The clinic disposes its own cryobank where your sperm samples and gametes are safely stored within any period of time.

Separate electricity supply block allows us to work 24h even if there are electricity cuts in the main system. The clinic has an Ambulance Unit, and our doctors can come to your place 24/7.

Our clinic’s distinguished policy is to be especially careful about confidentiality and protect personal data of all our clients. For the whole period of treatment, the clinic will assign a special programme coordinator who will be responsible for the course of your programme.

Some of our patients are well-known people who prefer to keep the fact of their undergoing treatment at our clinic strongly confidential. That is why we have introduced a brand new option ‘Your Time’ which implies that you will be the only patient in the clinic during your appointment with the doctor.

We understand that not all of our patients have enough time to come to our clinic during the working day. Our clinic is open for you 24/7, without weekends and holidays.


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