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We follow the non-disclosure policy, i.e. we do not disclose any information concerning our clients or the programmes they implement through our company. However, any parents willing to share their experience with others are most welcome!

We have changed two clinics and two surrogate mothers. We’ve gone through eight attempts, in six of which we hired a surrogate mother and used donors’ oocytes. We turned to youк clinic then as it was very close to our place. I don’t know, it might have been a pure coincidence, but pregnancy was achieved at the first attempt. We are very grateful to all the medical staff of the Vita Nova clinic, particularly to Aleksey Alekseevich and Tatyana Anatoliyevna.
Yelena from Moscow

That’s a very nice clinic! You don’t have to wait for appointments for weeks, you are admitted immediately. You can have appointments with all specialists within a day actually. A special thanks for delicious coffee :)
Pavel, Anna from Moscow

It so happened that I don’t have a husband. I’m not capable of carrying a pregnancy – I have twice tried to do it on my own, and I used donors’ sperm in clinics a number of times. The doctors said that a surrogate mother would be needed in my case. I found a surrogate mother on my own. It took me more than a year to find the right person. When I took the chosen surrogate mother to the clinic, I was requested to produce the marriage certificate to be allowed to be registered as the child’s mother. As it turned out, I couldn’t not become mother in Ukraine without being married – I was told that there was a low prohibiting unmarried women to have children through surrogates. Well, I was told that such a law existed, though no one had ever seen it. ‘Only married couples are allowed to hire a surrogate mother’. I was rejected in three IVF clinics in Kyiv and Kharkov. I turned to a law company in Kyiv and the specialists recommended suing the clinics. How could I possibly do that? I needed a child, not to win a case in court.
In 2009 I went to try my happiness in Russia. And as soon as the clinics’ staff learnt that I was not married, I was rejected again – twice in St. Petersburg and seven times in Moscow. I tried to find out the reason for this denial, the law that banned it – but I didn’t find any legislation that would prevent me from becoming a mother. They just refused to help me. And one day I just came across this site, dialed the number, and the lady who responded me on the other end of the line as if returned me to life again – it turned out that in Russia unmarried women are allowed to have children. I don’t know where the programme I have started is leading me to, we’ve just started synchronizing our cycles, still – I’m already thankful for your kind attitude and sincere desire to help.
Anna, Kyiv

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