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The goal of our clinic is to achieve pregnancy in the shortest term. We try to make medicine more about the patient than about the disease. However, sometimes treatment fails to be efficient: it can last long but bring no results.

There is no stopping the biological clock, and with every cycle the chances of success decrease. There is no doubt that any woman would like to bear her child on her own. Yet, sometimes it is not possible, and the only way to have c baby is to find a surrogate, substitution mother.

One shouldn’t lose their time. If it happens so that regular infertility treatment turns out to be inefficient and pregnancy cannot be achieved even after a few IVF attempts, it’s better to consider the stipulations of Order 67 of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation allowing to hire a surrogate mother and thus exclude negative consequences for the health.

This practice becomes more and more common in the whole world, and it allows dozens of thousands of women to have their own children. We have most qualified specialists that have been dealing with gestational surrogacy for many years on our staff.

To increase the chances of success of the first attempt, we recommend you should synchronize your cycle with the surrogate mother’s one and carry out a fresh embryo transfer.


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