The Vita Nova clinic is one of the few reproductive clinics that has a great success in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) programmes arranged through ‘intermediaries’, i.e. surrogacy, oocyte and sperm donation programmes.The successful activity of the clinic has been covered in a special News Report on Russian Channel 3.

The head doctor of the clinic speaks about the basic requirements for women who wish to become surrogates, about specific details of implementation of surrogacy programmes as well as about the differences between ‘surrogacy’/ donation programmes and classic IVF programmes.

Stella, a surrogate mother, speaks about the reasons that have driven her to taking part in a surrogacy programme and about the experience she has had as a surrogate.

The most distinguished feature of the Vita Nova clinic is an individual approach it has to every client, including surrogate mothers, of course.

The surrogate can deliver the child either at a municipal delivery dispensary close to the surrogate mother’s domicile or in Moscow. In any of these cases, the cost of the delivery is reimbursed by the present delivery certificate issued to the surrogate mother.

All surrogacy programmes are to have the same happy ending – it’s the birth of a new child. The important thing is to choose the right surrogate mother.

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