Pregnancy surveillance

Pregnancy surveillance

Our clinic offers you comprehensive personalized pregnancy surveillance programmes led by a personal obstetrician starting from the preparatory phase of the conception up to the 36th week of pregnancy. You can also consult specialists in any area (general practitioner, endocrinologist, geneticist, dietician, psychologist, dentist, optician and others).

The cost of the programme includes transfer to the hospital as well as in-patient treatment for 10 days. It also covers comprehensive medical examination and tests done according to the medical treatment plan:

• hCG and AFP tests;
• ultrasound screening of the fetus;
• dopplerometry;
• fetal cardiomonitoring;
• thyroid gland hormonal blood testing;
• determination of blood group, Rh and Rh- antibodies;
• hemostasiogram;
• biochemical blood test;
• clinical blood test;
• RW, HIV, Hepatitis B and C blood tests;
• Herpes, toxoplosmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella blood tests;
• Urine analysis;
• Vaginal microflora test;
• test for urogenital infections;
• cervical test;
• bacteriological test;
• antiphospholipid syndrome.

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