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Examenes medicos para padres potenciales


  • Pruebas del VIH, la sifilis (RW), las hepatitis B (HbsAg) y C (HCV);
  • Conteo de espermatozoides;
  • Grupo sanguineo y el factor Rh;
  • Analisis clinico de sangre (recuento de los globulos sanguineos);
  • Transaminasas (SGOT; SGPT).


  • Hormonal status (to be done on the 2nd-4th day of cycle, early in the morning without breakfast, to precise possible response to the hormonal stimulation LH, FSH, Estradiol E-2, Prolactin, TSH);
  • Gynecological examination with vaginal ultrasound on any day of the cycle (photos are not needed, only report);
  • Hysterosalpingography or Hysteroscopy (report)
  • Blood type and rhesus;
  • Transaminases (SGOT; SGPT);
  • Clotting;
  • Screening for HIV, syphilis (RW), hepatitis B (HbsAg) and C (HCV), Rubeola;
  • Gram stain smear;
  • Clinical blood analysis (blood count);
  • Report from the specialist if the patient has any known chronic deceases;
  • Report from the specialist that the patient has no contraindication for a hormonal stimulation.

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