Surrogacy Аll-Inclusive

Successful surrogacy program requires fruitful cooperation between qualified doctors, professional lawyers and experienced managers. For the first time ever in Russia we offer our clients an overall surrogacy package which covers all medical, legal and organizational services up to the child’s birth.

Our package was developed by the three leading companies specialized in surrogacy services – the European Surrogacy Center, the «VitaNova» clinic and the legal company «Rosjurconsulting» .

Specialists of the European Surrogacy Centre are providing search for surrogate mothers as well all arrangements and supervision over your program till the birth of you child. The managers are coordinating all interactions between the Clinic and the surrogate mother, arrange her transfer from the domicile to Moscow and her stay in Moscow. They are also responsible for informing intended parents on the program’s progress. The Center’s supervisors are accompanying the mother’s preparation for the program (e.g. her behavior and state of health as well as whether she follows the prescribed pregnancy regulations).  The Centre’s psychologists are responsible for the mother’s psychological comfort within the program and during the postnatal period. Now intended parents have an opportunity not to meet the surrogate mother till the end of their reproduction program as all the organizational issues are taken upon by the Center’s staff.


«VitaNova» Clinic of Reproductive Health doctors are providing medical support of your surrogacy program: e.g. synchronization of both genetic and surrogate mothers’ cycles, hormonal preparation, paracentesis, in vitro fertilization IFA, embryo cultivation and transfer, overall surrogacy supervision up to the delivery taking in consideration all pregnancy peculiarities after IFA.

 «Rosjurconsulting»’s lawyers are providing legal support up to the issue of Birth Certificate with your names as parents. It is a first Company specializing in reproductive law and legal support of surrogacy in our country. The Company’s lawyers are drawing the surrogacy contract which establishes the order of the program’s execution, the parties’ rights and responsibilities, respective parties’ consents. Besides, they are providing the surrogate mother’s mother consent to enter the parents’ names to the register and receive the child’s Birth Certificate with their names as parents, guaranteeing legality and good title of the process.

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